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What Goes Where?

Junk Removal Bins Edmonton

Recycling is a noble effort and helps us reduce garbage volume that goes to our landfills. However, even though recycling is based on the simple principle of recycling what you can and not throwing away what can be recycled, there are still some simple rules to follow when removing junk from your property. Mainly, knowing what goes where, what can be recycled and what can be safely thrown inside the Save on Bins dump bin, will make everyone’s job easier as well as reduce unintended extra costs and fees associated in having to remove items that cannot and should not go inside Save on Bins junk bins.

What Goes Where?

These items do not belong in your Save on Bins junk bin. (This list does not include all possible garbage materials.)

Animal Parts

  • carcases, bones, pelts and hides, taxidermy, feces, litter, animal feed etc. Those items require special handling and you should call 311 (within Edmonton) or 780-442-5311 (outside Edmonton)

Food Waste

  • Table scraps, spoiled food, peelings, household and cooking grease etc.

Hazardous Materials

  • spent oil, highly combustible materials such as gasoline and gasoline containers, other liquid and solid fuels, oil filters, paints, paint thinners, aerosols and paints (even when empty), acids and corrosive materials, explosive materials, compressed gas cylinders (propane cylinders, aerosols), ammunition, gun powder and explosives, car batteries, household batteries, used antifreeze, fluorescent light bulbs etc.

Hot Ashes and Hot or Burning Material

  • Any burning or hot material should be fully extinguished and cooled before being deposited to the bin (to eliminate the risk of combustion or fire to other waste in the bin).

Car Parts 

  • Any vehicle parts which have been exposed to hazardous chemicals etc. (internal engine parts, gaskets, axles, joints, oil tanks, gas tanks, radiators, fuel, oil and coolant lines etc)


  • Freezers, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators or any items that require removal of gasses such as Freon, etc.

Household Chemicals

  • Hairsprays, Detergents, Household Cleaners, nail polish, acetone, old medication (prescription and over the counter), etc.

Yard Waste and Renovation Materials

  • Sod, grass clippings, leaves, gravel, plant waste, stumps, concrete blocks or slabs, etc.

Misc. Stuff

  • The above list  is not comprehensive but serves as an example of items that we commonly find in our junk bins and which are not allowed to be disposed with general household or commercial/construction junk. Those rules are not set by Save on Bins but by responsible municipal, provincial and federal authorities and we have to follow them. If any of above or any other prohibited items are found in our junk bins at the time of pickup or disposal of junk at the appropriate disposal facility, we reserve the right to charge extra fees to remove and properly dispose of such items. If you have any questions regarding what can or cannot be placed into Save on Bins bin, please call or email us for additional details


Whether you’re renovating, moving or just eliminating junk, call us today.

We  service Edmonton, St Albert, Spruce Grove & Sherwood Park.

Service to Fort Saskatchewan, Stony Plain and Nisku, available with a surcharge of $75.00 + GST.

Service to Devon, Leduc, Bon Accord, Gibbons, Morinville, available with a surcharge of $100.00 +GST